Fortify, defend and protect your skin with Bethesda Skincare

Inspired by nature and made from nature for all people. Fortify, defend and protect your skin with Bethesda Skincare.

Our All-Natural soaps include Bethesda Sun & Shield, our patented soap with sun protection technology that fortifies and defends the skin that also provides a new way to receive daily vitamin and essential nutrients through your skin. Try it and we hope that it will be life changing as it has been for our loyal cancer patients.

Also, Bethesda Baby Pure, simply pure and simply amazing. It's not just for babies but for anyone with the most sensitive of skin.

Finally, Bethesda Wake Me Up, an organic coffee soap. Yes, coffee!! Get your morning coffee in the shower!! Packed with vitamins and essential minerals as well as organic ground coffee beans, this soap delivers antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents while cleansing and moisturizing.

Remember, what goes on the skin, goes in the skin…..think about it!!