About us

Our Company

Inspired by nature and made from nature for all people. Fortify, defend and protect your skin with Bethesda Skincare.

Jamie Collins Doss is the founder and creator of Bethesda Skincare. A mother of two small children, Ms. Doss created many of her all-natural products out of necessity. Due to her family's health issues as well as her own, Jamie found it difficult to obtain over-the-counter products that were healthy and safe. Having studied chemistry and skin rehabilitation, focusing primarily on the treatment of dry skin and burns utilizing all-natural products, she has produced homemade skincare and beauty products for almost twenty years. It is now our privilege as an all-natural company to share Bethesda Skincare with everyone around the world.

Healing and restoration of the body and soul are not just for the privileged, but for all people. We believe that a company has both an opportunity and responsibility to bless society. Bethesda Skincare contributes a minimum of 10% of our total company profits along with donations of many of our products to various organizations around the world.



Our Products

It is our belief that the most effective elements of healing and restoration for the body can be found in nature. We have spent years researching the most effective all-natural ingredients to create products that soothe, moisturize and strengthen the body. All of our ingredients have been chosen and combined for their specific healing properties, based on both publicized research and personal experiences.

Your skin is what protects you from the harsh elements of everyday life, your body's first line of defense. Like eating organic food or taking multi-vitamins for a healthy lifestyle, Bethesda Skincare products go to work on the outer body taking extreme care in ensuring that the skin and the body remains healthy and beautiful.


Our Name

Bethesda Skincare was born out of our desire to create a company with products that brought healing and restoration to all people. When our company was being formed, it was very important for us that we choose a name that reflected this mission and desire.

During the time of Jesus, there was a pool called Bethesda, located near the Sheep Gate in Jerusalem, which was renowned for healing all sorts of diseases and ailments - even blindness, paralysis, and incurable skin diseases. From time to time, an angel of the Lord would come and stir the waters in the pool and the first person in would immediately be healed of ailments. People would travel from miles and wait for days, even weeks, just for the slim chance that they might be the one to be healed.

The name Bethesda embodies our mission. Our desire is to bring healing and comfort to everyone who uses our products, even just once. People may have traveled from many miles to sit at the pool after which we are named, but our desire is to bring healing to all the nations - and not just to the "first one in". May our products be your Bethesda. 


Our Ingredients

We look to nature to provide you with the most effective elements of healing and restoration. Our all-natural ingredients have been specially selected for their specific therapeutic values.

Power Four Basic Ingredients
Our products contain four base ingredients, which we call the "Power Four":
Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Gel
Known for its impressive healing qualities on burns, it serves both as an anti-inflammatory agent and as an immunity booster for the skin.
A cleanser and deodorizer that helps eliminate toxins from the body. It is naturally green in pigment, which is what gives many of our soaps their color. It also contains Vitamin K, which is scientifically proven to contribute to good bone health and to aid in blood clotting.
Healing Balm of Gilead
Soothes and disinfects the skin. It is also known to help dry, scaly skin.
An all-natural moisturizer. Glycerin is highly "hygroscopic", meaning it absorbs water from the air, thereby attracting moisture to your skin.

Other Common Ingredients
Many of our products, including our Sun & Shield soap, include an all-natural multi-vitamin, which contain a combination of 50 plus vitamins, chelated minerals, amino acids, B-complex and a host of anti-oxidants.

For those who desire fragrance, we utilize rosemary and lavender oil, which not only provide pleasing aromas, but also provide therapeutic benefits.