Baby Pure for your Pure Baby

There's something about a soap bar that toddlers and kids love. Making sudsy bubbles and trying to keep it from popping out of their slippery hands makes them so happy. My kids love using Bethesda Skincare's Baby Pure soap bar in their bath. When you have it in your hands and your making suds, it feels so moisturizing and pure.I just wish I had this when my kids were newborns. It's our new addition to our favorite Sun & Shield soap which we have been using on them since they were 4 months old. They both lather so well and leave them smelling baby clean and fresh! Baby Pure soap is so moisturizing, you can feel the soap's benefits as you lather. My kids' skin never dries out even when I forget to lotion them up after baths. And what I love about using the Sun & Shield (multivitamin packed!) on my kids is that I know they are getting some of their daily nutrients and vitamins through their skin in their routine bath. And the best part? I get the benefits into my skin as I help bath my kids. Win Win!
Peggy Nohdomi
VP Creative Director, Bethesda Skincare