SOAP AND FALL! Most people do not think about soap and their health, but to me it's almost as important as what we eat. Our Bethesda Sun & Shield sun protection technology soap has 50 vitamins and minerals. Our Baby Pure soap has gentle ingredients like coconut oil and vanilla bean, and yes, great for little babies and your big babies too! I have grown to love our Wake Me Up coffee soap for the vitamins, but also for what coffee brings to the table for your skin. Just know as we get in the lab we are always looking for the best way to give your skin a boost. We were asked our customer base and in digging it was great to find our base is diverse! Surfers, men, women, children... you name it! This soap is for those who care about the health of their skin. #coffee #organic #patentedskincare #goodhealthmatters #latteart#mineralpools #poolofBethesda #themelaniepolicy #caringforcancerpatients #baristadarlings ☕️❤️