NYC Forever in My Heart

#bethesda_skincare We were living in NYC sept. 11th and that day forever changed our lives! Our apartment faced the trade towers and when the first plane hit we thought it was an accident. When the second plane hit we knew it was terrorism. We lived in NYC for many years and I will always have a piece of NYC in my heart! We lost friends in the towers and in some ways our innocence. I tried to explain to my children what happened this morning. They could not even understand that kind of hate .... But it was great to explain to them about the heroes of that day! Neighbors... Firemen... We were all drawn together. The smell of that day and days after of the city I still can smell at times and all the memories that come back to me. Today my prayer is all that is good come on us all and heroes of love are born! Jamie, CEO Bethesda Skincare #sept11th #firemenandheroes #lovewins #iloveny#nycforeverinmyheart