Being Human

Being Human! Some people say we as humans all have suffering in common. In my heart I feel we have way more than that! Love. Dreams. Hope, and the list goes on. My Dear friend and VP of Bethesda asked me if I would consider sharing some of my health journey... part of me screamed 'No no no' and the other part of me... knew I should, so much of what we put on Instagram is our good faces and filters and that’s great, I love good news. But if you're suffering today, know that through the ups and downs there is hope and love and we need not give up. Addison’s disease has taken a lot from me... I lost friends and some people just didn’t understand at all, and it broke my heart. My Husband and children have watched me go through many Addison’s crises and through those I have the rainbow of knowing how beautiful and precious everyday we get to live is... sure I would love to be up running and dancing west coast swing dance with my husband, and when I can, I do... on the days that I cannot, I find time to realize I have made new friends where the old ones left, and met great doctors and this is my path! I hope for a cure, but in the broken times prayer and faith has been such a comfort 🦋And so Addison's disease has also added to my life 💕when you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on 🌻Give people your unconditional love and always show compassion; it’s healing not only to each other but our world is in need right now🌻you never really know what someone is going through and what a kind word and smile can do🦋.