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our ingredients
We look to nature to provide you with the most effective elements of healing and restoration. Our all-natural ingredients have been specially selected for their specific therapeutic values.

Our products contain four base ingredients, which we call the "Power Four".

Known for its impressive healing qualities on burns, it serves both as an anti-inflammatory agent and as an immunity booster for the skin.

A cleanser and deodorizer that helps eliminate toxins from the body. It is naturally green in pigment, which is what gives many of our soaps their color. It also contains Vitamin K, which is scientifically proven to contribute to good bone health and to aid in blood clotting.

Soothes and disinfects the skin. It is also known to help dry, scaly skin.

An all-natural moisturizer. Glycerin is highly "hygroscopic", meaning it absorbs water from the air, thereby attracting moisture to your skin.

Many of our products, including our sunscreen soap, include an all-natural multi-vitamin, which contain a combination of 50 plus vitamins, chelated minerals, amino acids, B-complex and a host of anti-oxidants. We have partnered with ALL ONE, a renowned and well-respected provider of the highest quality multi-vitamins for many years, using their products in all of our multi-vitamin soaps.

For those who desire fragrance, we utilize rosemary and lavender oil, which not only provide pleasing aromas, but also provide therapeutic benefits.
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